Time VS. Money

If you had to pick one or the other which would you choose? Which one is more important to you?

Growing up you really never value time or money, I mean what kid does? For the most part your hanging out having fun enjoying life being a kid. On occasion you may wish you had more time for fun when the day is coming to end, or maybe you needed few bucks from your parent’s to grab an ice cream cone from Mr. Softee on a hot day. But for the most part, the day seems endless and you really never need money as a kid to find something fun to get into.

But as you get older things change, this thing we call responsibility creeps up as we make that transition from grade-schooler’s to teens and from teens to adulthood. This is where we start to see just how valuable time and money really is.

With time as you get older for some reason it seems like the days get shorter. For the majority a large portion of our time is spent working on a job. Now factor in everything else like spending time with your family, running errands, projects outside of work, and taking some leisure time for yourself. You’ll come to find out how quick those seconds, minutes, and hours can disappear.

With money on the other hand you start to realize how much the world revolves around that green dollar. For the majority in this case a large portion of our income also comes from a job. We trade our time for money which then goes towards things like bills, groceries, clothing, and also things of leisure. You’ll also come to find out how quick money can go, especially if not budgeted correctly.

When you bring this topic up amongst friends it’s interesting to hear different opinions. A friend of mine chose money with the idea of using money to create time if used correctly. Which is actually not a bad idea, the only problem is you need a plan and a shit ton of money.

My personal opinion if I had to decide which is more important to me, I’d say time!!! For the simple fact if I lose a dollar, I can find a way to make it back. But lost time is lost forever. Which is one of the reason I try my best to get the most out of my day.

But to be fair there really is no right or wrong answer. I guess it all depends on the individual and their viewpoints.

So what’s more important to you? Time or Money?

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