Shit you hate!!!

As one of my favorites would say

“There’s no reason to do shit you hate. None.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

I mean it does make perfect sense, doesn’t it? How many people do you know (including yourself) that does things they absolutely hate!!! Your miserable, you dread the thought, you get sick just thinking about it!!! Unfortunately it happens to majority of us. We get sucked in at an early age and many never escape it. We get stuck most of us square pegs in a round hole. We know we don’t fit in but we tolerate it because everyone else does it. Going to jobs we hate, sticking in relationships that tear you down instead of building you up, scared to be yourself because of what the world might think. You know you can do better but fear whispers in your ear soon as your ready to step out of your comfort zone and says I wouldn’t do that if we’re you.

But why? Why do shit you hate if you know your unhappy?

Let’s reverse the question. Why not? Why not pursue a career or passion you love? Why not be in a relationship you that excites you? Why not be yourself? Why not do what make you happy? After all it’s your life!!! This isn’t a video game folks we can’t hit the reset button or get extra lives. This is a one shot deal and to be frank with you no one knows when our time will expire.

Now before anybody jumps to conclusions, I’m not encouraging anybody to go storming into work, go right to their bosses office, give them the finger, yell out I quit!!! And storm out. That’s not what I’m saying. But I do encourage those who hate what they do to come up with some type of plan or strategy to make a move. You don’t wanna be that old person laying on their death-bed with Mr. Regret staring you right in the face with a big box full of dreams and idea’s that never had a chance because you let Mr. Fear hold you back from doing what you know deep in your heart was the right move to make.

You Only Live Once! So why not do shit you love?

2 thoughts on “Shit you hate!!!

  1. Amen Joshua! Gary Vee grew up next to me in NJ. Next down over. I model some of what I do online via his energy and lots of folks note this as I am becoming more well known online. Circled the globe for 7 years as an island hopping pro blogger. I ceased doing stuff I hated a decade ago; never looked back. Keep on inspiring dude!

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