I’ll do it tomorrow

I’ll do it next week

I’ll do it next month

I’ll do it next year

You kept on saying you’d do it, but you never did. Days, weeks, months, years, even a lifetime has passed you by and yet no action. We can blame it on our buddy “Mr. Procrastination”. Every time you even thought about it their he was sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear spewing the words “Just wait until tomorrow”. You take his advice only for tomorrow to arrive just so he can talk you into waiting until next week. Then next week rolls around, now he talks you into next month, and before you know it, months, years, a lifetime has passed you by due to Procrastination. So many chances and missed opportunities gone forever.

We all fall victim at some point in our lives. But those who react in a timely fashion miss few opportunities. Just think about it, just think about how many opportunities you’ve missed because you acted a day too late. Your dream job was right their waiting for you on a silver platter, but you decided to wait until the next day to submit your resume. That same day someone else submits their resume, the employer brings them in for an interview the next day and BOOM!!! hires that person right on the spot. They felt that person was the best candidate for the job in that moment. But in actuality you were the better candidate for the job. You fit the qualifications perfectly. You had exactly what the employer was looking for in a candidate. But because you decided to procrastinate and put it off to watch your favorite TV show, spend hours on social media, or just plain acting lazy, you missed out an opportunity.

That’s why its best to attack whatever needs to be handled right away if possible. Don’t give Procrastination a chance to set in. As we know putting things off can turn into missed deadlines, opportunities, or unnecessary stress on the mind. My uncle once told me “if you have something that needs to be handled, handle it asap. Theirs no need to carry a load of stress or problems that could easily be taken care of”. Especially a simple task such as making a phone call to set up an appointment, replying to an email, or folding the laundry and putting it away. Truth be told most of the time it’s the simple task that we put off which eventually piles up and creates one huge problem. We’ve all been up that road before. The grass needs to be cut, the garage needs to be cleaned out, the pool needs to be cleaned, the car needs a wash, you need to go grocery shopping, the house needs to be cleaned, etc. All on the day you have a cookout planned. Sounds familiar??? But this would’ve been prevented had you decided to tackle a simple chore each day leading up to the cookout. Now you find yourself overwhelmed.

How about the classic one where you have a huge test coming up in week. Plenty of time to study right??? One day you decide to binge watch your favorite TV series, the next day you decide to play video games, the day after that you decide to lay around and scroll through social media, the next couple days after that your friends call you up and somehow convinces you to go out and party. Next thing you know, BAM!!! It’s the day before your big test and you haven’t studied not one bit. Now you find yourself in a pinch with little time to study. I’ve been up that road to. Had you decided to just take as little as a 30-60 minutes to study each day instead of procrastinating and putting it off you wouldn’t be so pressed at the last second. Now that doesn’t mean you still can’t watch your favorite TV series, play videos games, party, etc. It just means cut back on some of those other task and squeeze in a decent amount of time to handle your business. I mean after all if your gaming for hours at a time a 30 min break to study wont kill you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small chore, a project, a business idea you’ve had in mind, whatever!!! You get the point right??? The sooner you handle your business, the better off you’ll be and the less you’ll have to worry about Mr. Procrastination. Or you can be that person who procrastinated to the grave. The choice is yours.

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Make A Happy Living

I want you to sit back and just think of getting up every morning at the same time for the sake of argument let’s say 5 days a week, going to the same place for 40 or more hours a week, for 30 years!!! OMG just the thought of it makes me cringe. But sad to say in reality this is the situation for a lot of people and it sucks if you ask me. Many people just tolerate the misery day in and day out just to make it to the weekend to feel free for a couple of days, get the Sunday night blues, then do it all over again, and again, and again, and again none stop like some sort of programmed robot. You wake up in the morning to an alarm clock, hit snooze a few times until you muster up the energy to drag yourself out of the bed. Silly thoughts start to run through your head, the thought of quitting crosses your mind every morning. Then reality sets in, you realize that’s not an option. You still have responsibility. Bills are due, you have to keep food on the table, and you have a family to support. What a bummer!!! All of this mental torture just to make a dollar. The same can be said for entrepreneurs, countless hours of work, work, work, no time no time for leisure thingsĀ or to just sit back and enjoy life. Again for what? just to make a dollar?

But does it really have to be this way? Is it really worth the mental torture? Can things be better?

Indeed it can, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact it’s not for all people. I say this all the time, if you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life. Let me ask you this, if you had to choose between a job that pays a yearly salary of 100k but you absolutely hate it, versus a job that pays a yearly salary of 80k but you absolutely love it. Which job would you choose? Just something to think about. Don’t become a prisoner to the money. Yes we all love money and the things we can do with money, but don’t be miserable making a living. Now I do understand that everybody’s situation is different but the choice is up to you to change it. Do what ever it takes to regain your happiness.

Life is meant be lived doing what makes you happy. Don’t be the person that tolerated being unhappy for so many years just for a paycheck. You can have all the money in the world and still be unhappy if you don’t love what you do. Break the chains, free the mind, seek passion, and make the necessary adjustments to your life. It’s hard to imagine taking a pay cut to do something you love but if it means a healthy state of mind I for sure say its worth it, might cause for a lifestyle change but you’ll be free mentally. On the flip side it could work the other way around and become financially beneficial. You just never know but in the end it comes down to choosing the well-being of the mind over a piece of paper.


“If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?”

~Steve Jobs~

Shit you hate!!!

As one of my favorites would say

“There’s no reason to do shit you hate. None.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

I mean it does make perfect sense, doesn’t it? How many people do you know (including yourself) that does things they absolutely hate!!! Your miserable, you dread the thought, you get sick just thinking about it!!! Unfortunately it happens to majority of us. We get sucked in at an early age and many never escape it. We get stuck most of us square pegs in a round hole. We know we don’t fit in but we tolerate it because everyone else does it. Going to jobs we hate, sticking in relationships that tear you down instead of building you up, scared to be yourself because of what the world might think. You know you can do better but fear whispers in your ear soon as your ready to step out of your comfort zone and says I wouldn’t do that if we’re you.

But why? Why do shit you hate if you know your unhappy?

Let’s reverse the question. Why not? Why not pursue a career or passion you love? Why not be in a relationship you that excites you? Why not be yourself? Why not do what make you happy? After all it’s your life!!! This isn’t a video game folks we can’t hit the reset button or get extra lives. This is a one shot deal and to be frank with you no one knows when our time will expire.

Now before anybody jumps to conclusions, I’m not encouraging anybody to go storming into work, go right to their bosses office, give them the finger, yell out I quit!!! And storm out. That’s not what I’m saying. But I do encourage those who hate what they do to come up with some type of plan or strategy to make a move. You don’t wanna be that old person laying on their death-bed with Mr. Regret staring you right in the face with a big box full of dreams and idea’s that never had a chance because you let Mr. Fear hold you back from doing what you know deep in your heart was the right move to make.

You Only Live Once! So why not do shit you love?

Never Give Up!!!

No matter what you go through, never give up. Every day won’t be easy. In fact struggles and failures are apart of life. We all go through some type of storm or road block on this journey we call life. Even the best of the best have their struggles and failures. But the key is learning and growing from everything along the way. 

Look at it like this, if you we’re to take a route for the first time that was full of pot holes, forks in the road, and ditches your journey might be a little rough. You’ll hit some of those pot holes, make the wrong choice at a fork, you might even find yourself in a ditch. But over time you’ll learn how to navigate through that route better!

Will you still hit a pothole? Yes! Will you still make the wrong choice on occasion at a fork? Yes! Can you still end up in a ditch? It’s possible! You may even run across a situation never seen before on that same route. In the end never give up and stay focused on whatever it is you want to accomplish. The journey may not always be smooth, but when you look back on it will be worth it.

“Life is very hard sometimes, but giving up won’t make it easier”…


Time VS. Money

If you had to pick one or the other which would you choose? Which one is more important to you?

Growing up you really never value time or money, I mean what kid does? For the most part your hanging out having fun enjoying life being a kid. On occasion you may wish you had more time for fun when the day is coming to end, or maybe you needed few bucks from your parent’s to grab an ice cream cone from Mr. Softee on a hot day. But for the most part, the day seems endless and you really never need money as a kid to find something fun to get into.

But as you get older things change, this thing we call responsibility creeps up as we make that transition from grade-schooler’s to teens and from teens to adulthood. This is where we start to see just how valuable time and money really is.

With time as you get older for some reason it seems like the days get shorter. For the majority a large portion of our time is spent working on a job. Now factor in everything else like spending time with your family, running errands, projects outside of work, and taking some leisure time for yourself. You’ll come to find out how quick those seconds, minutes, and hours can disappear.

With money on the other hand you start to realize how much the world revolves around that green dollar. For the majority in this case a large portion of our income also comes from a job. We trade our time for money which then goes towards things like bills, groceries, clothing, and also things of leisure. You’ll also come to find out how quick money can go, especially if not budgeted correctly.

When you bring this topic up amongst friends it’s interesting to hear different opinions. A friend of mine chose money with the idea of using money to create time if used correctly. Which is actually not a bad idea, the only problem is you need a plan and a shit ton of money.

My personal opinion if I had to decide which is more important to me, I’d say time!!! For the simple fact if I lose a dollar, I can find a way to make it back. But lost time is lost forever. Which is one of the reason I try my best to get the most out of my day.

But to be fair there really is no right or wrong answer. I guess it all depends on the individual and their viewpoints.

So what’s more important to you? Time or Money?